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Guy provided a really engaging and relevant workshop.

He offered examples that were relevant to our industry, and even when there were no relevant examples, he was willing to try and understand our business and patiently talked through scenarios to see how the theory could be applied for us.

Guy was thought-provoking, insightful, dynamic and offered real insights.

Guy presented at the Henley Forum's Annual Conference (Leading Smarter Businesses - Getting More From Collective Intelligence) and he was great. Guy was thought provoking, insightful, dynamic and offered real insights, with great story telling and good examples. He managed to convey some really deep behavioural science topics in a lively and stimulating way. Great examples, encouraging practical application for behavioural change Dynamic, interesting, very inspiring with the real possibility of practical actionable insights.

Dr Champniss provided world-class insight.

He presented it in a clear and entertaining style as a key-note speaker in our client event.

Guy is someone you can really rely on to be inspirational in front of an audience.

He has an ease with his subject matter that only comes through a thorough understanding of the issues, both in terms of the latest academic thinking but also, importantly, the strategic marketing implications for brands. He has an open and engaging style which make people want to keep listening. This is also helped by his flexibility in ensuring he meets the needs of the wider session he may be part of (e.g. being part of follow-up panel discussion at the end of the day etc). In my experience, people leave Guy's presentations not only feeling informed but also enthused.

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