Workshops are a great way to be immersed in the world of behavioural science, and to build interest from colleagues and peers across function and disciplines in developing a behavioural strategy capability. 


Typically run over a half-day or whole-day, workshops use a mix of practical, theoretical and case-study based material to introduce participants to the benefits of using behavioural science to unlock commercial and social value.  


Workshops typically cover specific domains within applied behavioural science that are relevant to the client’s business or sector, with concrete take-aways in terms of opportunities to immediately apply the learnings. Longer workshops can also include sections where participants work on applying their behavioural science learnings on their own projects, for real-time feedback.


Workshops are normally delivered by Dr Guy Champniss. Guy has delivered workshops for clients all over the world, including executive MBA programmes. As a professor of behavioural science and innovation, Guy has been recognised for teaching excellence.

Duration: Typically .5 day or 1 day
"I cannot describe how great Guy is as a teacher. He is an incredible lecturer, facilitator of discussions and such an interesting person. He has made this week an extraordinary experience, sharing some (of his bast and great) knowledge. He has made every topic seem interesting, giving examples, context and even readings that support and deepen the learning experience. I would like to congratulate him on his labor and hope he will keep on teaching for many many years!"

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