Developing behavioural strategies for business growth and social impact.

Behavioural Strategy

Behavioural strategy is not behavioural science. 


Behavioural strategy is the systematic and co-ordinated application of behavioural science across key business functions, to improve performance, drive innovation and generate growth. 

Behavioural strategy starts from the strategic objectives of the business and then challenges those objectives from a behavioural perspective to understand how these could be better met. At some points behavioural science may improve existing processes or designs, and at others it may lead to new processes or designs.

Behavioural strategy reaches across the business; it can impact on innovation, new product and service development, experience design, strategic marketing and communication planning.

Behavioural strategy also provides a unique lens through which to see innovative opportunities for business to deliver social impact. Many social and environmental challenges have a behavioural element at their core, and behavioural strategy can frame those challenges in the specific context of the business's unique behavioural capabilities. Behavioural strategy can ensure business-led social impact is tangible, credible and strategically relevant. 


Using behavioural science to get to a more nuanced - and accurate - understanding of business objectives.




Identifying where, when and how business can use its assets to most effectively intervene to create impact.

Applying custom-designed behavioural interventions across critical business-market junctures - at scale.

Putting in place robust and accurate measures to understand, quantify and improve performance 

DIAL Developing behavioural strategy



Meltwater provides behavioural strategy consulting and advisory services to commercial clients to boost growth and uncover novel opportunities to create strategically valuable social impact. 

Meltwater does this through bringing together world-class behavioural science expertise with proven commercial strategy development and execution experience. Our behavioural science outputs have won awards, and have been published in leading peer-reviewed journals, such as Energy Efficiency and Harvard Business Review. As strategists, we've launched new business units, created market-first commercial insight projects and served as leadership in innovative start-ups.

We've worked with clients across the UK, EU, US and Asia, and across categories including pharma', finance, consumer goods, energy, market research and policy.





Guy is someone that you can really rely on to be inspirational in front of an audience. He has an ease with his subject matter that only comes through a thorough understanding of the issues, both in terms of the latest academic thinking but also, importantly, the strategic marketing implications for brands. He has an open and engaging style which make people want to keep listening. This is also helped by his flexibility in ensuring he meets the needs of the wider session he may be part of (e.g. being part of follow-up panel discussion at the end of the day etc). In my experience, people leave Guy's presentations not only feeling informed but also enthused.

Colin Strong


Dr. Champniss provided very relevant and latest word-class insight and presented it in a clear and entertaining style as a key-note speaker in our client event.

Guy presented at the Henley Forum's Annual Conference (Leading Smarter Businesses - Getting More From Collective Intelligence) and he was great. Guy was thought provoking, insightful, dynamic and offered real insights, with great story telling and good examples. He managed to convey some really deep behavioural science topics in a lively and stimulating way. Great examples, encouraging practical application for behavioural change Dynamic, interesting, very inspiring with the real possibility of practical actionable insights.

Jussi Niemelä


Mike Green




Guy has over 20 years experience working within global management and consulting roles, covering strategic marketing, communications, innovation and applied behavioural science.


Alongside Meltwater, Guy remains a strategic advisor to Enervee, an award-winning US-based behaviour tech' company. Previously Guy led the behavioural science and strategic marketing functions for the company from its Series A funding. During this time, Guy designed and ran experimental research, building an evidence base for the effectiveness of the platform which led state re-evaluate energy efficiency policies. This work was presented at conferences worldwide, went on to be published in Energy Efficiency, and secured multiple awards for innovation. 

Guy is also a visiting professor of applied behavioural science and innovation with IE University's School of Human Sciences and Technology.

Guy's research in applied behavioural science has been presented at leading conferences (e,.g. EMAC, AMA, ANZMAC) and has been widely published, including in Harvard Business Review. Guy also frequently speaks at conferences on behavioural science and sustainability.

Guy holds an MBA from IE Business School (Madrid), has completed post-graduate programmes with Stanford GBS (US) and the University of Cambridge (UK) and holds and award-winning PhD in applied social psychology.

Dr. Guy Champniss



t: +44 7917 40 8686



Sample of recent speaking engagements

ING ITTP MBA (forthcoming)

Science of Consumer Behaviour, Roche (forthcoming)

IE University Masterclass Series (forthcoming). Canada, US & Europe

Doing Well by Doing Good, IESE Business School,

Barcelona, March 2019 

UCL Masters in Behavioural Science, London, March 2019

ING Retail Banking, Netherlands, November 2018

Spark, US, November 2018

Delta EE New Energy Summit (Keynote), Edinburgh, May 2018
Eurelectric Annual Conference (Keynote), Lubliana, June 2018

Roche Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland, November 2017
Cranfield Centre for Customer Management, UK, November 2017
Cranfield Sustainability Forum, UK, November 2017
Spark Energy Conference, US, November 2017
European Utility Week (EUW) ’19, Amsterdam, October 2017
European Executive Utility Summit, Portugal, March 2017
Connected Home Conference, Delta-EE, Germany, March 2017

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